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    Day trading has become a trend in the past years, many tried it... just a few succeeded- being a consistent profitable trader is not an easy task- almost every traders depends on lagging indicators with a combination of a risk reward ratio in short, trading has become a form of gambling and the best traders gamble smart by controlling their emotions, on the other hand trading educators and so called gurus make it look easy using misleading information.

    Although 90% of new traders fail the first 3 months but they still think of trading to be one of the best businesses to be involved in, with great caution they continue looking for a winning systems away from the lagging indicators and gambling based methods.


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Risk Disclosure and Refund Policy


DISCLAIMER, RISK DISCLOSURE, AND REFUND POLICY By using our website, products, and services, you fully understand and agree to legally comply with this Risk Disclosure and Disclaimer statement. When considering day trading and investing, do not invest money you cannot afford to...

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NinjaTrader - Kinetick Partnership

NinjaTraderTM is our #1 recommended active trader platform.  We are pleased to offer NinjaTraderTM to our clients for many reasons but one great reason is that you can get started with NinjaTraderTM for Free!  Why pay hundreds of dollars per month for products...

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GTR toolkit

GTR toolkit

Hello GTR members ,   This is a note from Christian about the new GTR Tool-Kit You have to be a member of the Futuresfx.ca and Globaltraderoom.com to qualify for this. Customerservice@gtr-toolkit.com will verify the the status with us. The new ToolKit is owned by Christian - Traders Innovation LLC. For all...

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Trade What You See NOT What You Feel